Well. Well. Well.

I woke up last Saturday morning and I heard the Lord say, ROAD TRIP! The first thing that came to my mind was Thelma and Louise. I said to myself “what is a road trip without my sister Reva and friends Monica and Tonja”. We were good for it, even if it was just across the bay or to New Orleans; we always had a crazy, heartfelt good time. I miss those ladies. The Lord said, I’m with you; it’s those moments he wants to get intimate with us and express some amazing things to us. I filled my bottle with water from the hydrant and added some ice, I knew it was gonna be a scorcher. Grabbed my walnuts and my debit card and started driving west. Right now, to me west is considered growth. I wasn’t exactly sure where my destination was going to be, I just drove. Passing so many places, nothing spoke to me until I saw a sign that said Mineral Wells, 30 miles. Those two words said, God spoken/supplied, before the foundation of the world, natural and that that still remains and is to come. I guess that is why I love nature so much, because I know the birds and trees; lakes and streams are all those things that God divided and spoke as it is written in Genesis. He spoke to our spirits and our spirits are also remaining as He spoke; but we must discover and connect. With that connection comes the benefits of peace, joy, faith, etc. (Galatians 5;22) The fruits of the Spirit. We cannot began to touch the surface of those things from an egotistical, “human only” place. The catastrophe in this world is a product of someone wanting to be someone other than our “spirit spoken” self or wanting the material possessions that others have. It’s tough though, because we have so much influence and beautiful man made and built things to compete over. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of that WELL springing up from within us. I have been sent to remind you, wherever you feel lack, void or empty; your spirit that was God spoken says you are created in His image and His likeness. We have everything we need, tap into it and be filled from what flows only from the main source.

I am a current employee of the water department and I have learned all of these codes and tasks that our Field Operations department does. For a new property a TAP has to be set first before a meter is. That TAP is the primary source for water to flow from our lakes, streams and rivers through a person’s home. The TAP is like the thing that connects and prompts the flow. That is how it is for us, the spirit is like the water sources but we need FAITH to prompt the flow of what’s already in us. I love the story of the Samaritan Woman meeting Jesus at the well, He just reminded her as a once forsaken woman that she had inherited the gift of God before the foundation of the world. It wasn’t just about her religious practice of going to Jacob’s Well; in which she had become weary after visiting it repeatedly, and not finding what she was looking for until that day. Jesus had to remind her what was already in her. It just needed to be discovered by her FAITH.

As I pulled into the little town of Mineral Wells, it was so quiet and quaint and I didn’t know where to go from there. In less that 20 kilometers I turned down a street and saw a water bottle and the words “Tourist Information”. You want a visitor, to your town, to stop, put a sign up that says “Tourist Information”. Once I got in, these two beautifully spirited women greeted me so kindly. Guess what? They offered me a drink from their well source. I was like God, you’re so good! Well water? I had never had a drink of water from a well. It was so different and it had a different affect going down. They had different formulas of this “Crazy Water” is what they call it. The more minerals, the more healing properties and the stronger the taste. I bought me a gallon and I did get a good ole cleansing. I thought to myself, there is no need for a laxative; this would be a much healthier way to do a good cleanse. If you know what I mean.

My visit, my drive, my road trip with the Father help me realize that through bodies of water, drinking from a little town’s well source and listening for the promptings of the Holy Spirit cannot be tampered with, taken away from and neither can be added to. The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit are ONE as we are all ONE. The United States IS NOT the source of our unity as a people, we have been divided by fear that comes from the many in egotistical power. But, what they cannot contaminate is our spirits. Our faith, that TAP; that comes only from our Creator, THE SOURCE OF IT ALL!

Three women from different ethnic backgrounds sharing information and just God given courtesy.
My visit to Mineral Wells included stopping in to get tourist information and I discovered I was really there to drink from the “well” of what this town calls Crazy Water.
The beautiful work of young artists in the town. They have painted quite a few murals in the town to bring life back to Mineral Wells. Interesting how the Baker’s Hotel is in the background, there is a current project taking place to restore it.
The Mineral Wells State Park is ranked #5 as one of the world’s most beautiful State Parks.
Stopped in to The Kraze Boutique and learned that Golgotha is 7031 miles from Calvary where Jesus was crucified.