An Angel & an Eeyore Sweater

As I leave the court house to go to work, I hug my son and plead the blood of Jesus over his life because he is about to face one of the greatest challenges of his life. I remind him that although I only showed up as moral support and couldn’t stay; he was not alone. God was surely with him and to just let his sweater be a whole hug for the rest of the day.

I got in my car Downtown Fort Worth and was reminded of how beautiful it is and how I miss strolling the streets on my lunch break, since now working remotely. I thought, let me take a quick stroll, let me breathe in the brisk air, but suddenly an idea for a random sweater check in was necessary. I was excited and nervous at the same time, I am going to ask people I don’t know about their “sweaters” they chose to wear today and I’ll go live on my Facebook Page and share the conversation. Well I got rejected the first time. The lady gave me five whole minutes of her time, just to tell me she didn’t feel comfortable taking a picture or sharing her sweater with everyone. So I moved on, not to be egotistical, but I was passing a gentleman and he just says out loud “I love your spirit”. I thanked him, still not sure if that’s what I was suppose to do, but he reached out his hand for a handshake and I obliged. But he didn’t have on a sweater, so the informal introduction sufficed. Well a few yards away I spot two ladies, one with an adorable tall sweatshirt on and the other strolling with her walker. We introduced ourselves and I find out that they were just talking about Jeannie’s Sister in Law named Carla. I find out in the convo that she and her sister in law were closer than her and her blood sister. That spoke volumes because it’s not uncommon to connect more with people that are not your blood. Angel is Jeannie’s Daughter in Law who has been with her the whole step of the way through her ordeal with cancer. Before I knew it I was asking her permission to film and write about our encounter and she said yes. Our conversation grew more and more touching because Jeannie was inclined to tell me that she only had a few weeks left to live, and of course being who I am; I wanted to pray for long life. However, I quickly found out that Jeannie is ready. Angel said her only wish that day was to eat at five star restaurants and Yolk Downtown Fort Worth was their most recent stop. Jeannie’s expression and response told it all, “it was sooooo good”. Ok, they just gave me a review, so I’ve got to check them out.

We never know what or who we will encounter on our journey of simply enjoying life. It may just be a “No I’d rather not” but keep going because a friendly smile, a hand shake and a corky conversation about sweater weather is just up ahead. I was struck to make what fell on my heart to do, even after the “No I’d rather not”, happen. What happens in between the journey is really all that matters. The in between can be preparation for the next level. The young man with the hand shake, helped me to remain open and receptive for what was next. Angel and Jeannie didn’t just give me their time, they gave me a story. I write, I’m an Author and I have a way with words; I’ll write! Their openness to share what seemed so intimate and personal reminded me that life is short but it doesn’t have to be in drudgery. Jeannie’s sweatshirt with Eeyore is irony in this encounter because Jeannie was not at all depressed about the next phase of her life. She and Angel set out to make the next few weeks of life an enjoyable one. We don’t know when our time is coming and we will never know how; but EVERYDAY is a gift. So when you feel like eating at a five star restaurant, DO IT! If you feel led to hug a perfect stranger, DO IT! Whenever you feel the unction to do something you are petrified about doing; DO IT, you’ll never know how it will contribute to you simply enjoying life.

Love You Always Carla Mashell Dulaney.


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