Dear Beyond Se

According to the Book of Genesis, God spoke out of His spirit to the spirit of His creation. God then breathed the breath of life into the body of man and he became a living soul. The spirit is perfect, but on the other hand; the soul, which I have grown to understand is made up of the mind, the will and the emotions. Therefore leaving the soul as imperfect.

I am not a fan of Beyoncé, because her music does not speak to me. Some of her followers may just me a hater and controversial. However, I find that writing this blog post kinda makes me a supporter controversially. Out of that, I have chosen to give my opinion on the song “You Won’t Break My Soul” but in an attempt to point everyone back to the Father. In this song she is telling EVERYBODY, serving EVERYBODY notice that her peace they will not disturb. I get that, and I get it because I am human as well and my soul gets tired of constantly having to make a choice to put up with the flaws and faults of mankind; nobody’s perfect. We are constantly having to be mindful of other human beings whether it be on a job, societally, relationally or politically. We are bombarded everyday with choices. Soul-cial media has erupted like a volcano within this era. Religion and it’s leaders have bombarded us with choosing what’s right or wrong. The ideology of relationship and marriage have been diluted with opinions and individual and personal traumas. It seems that every Facebook post or TikTok Post has someone giving advice on what to look for or beware of in our society, which is leaving humankind mentally or should I say Soul-cially DRAINED.

The good news is, our spirits are perfect and cannot be tampered with or tainted. It WAS, it IS and it IS TO COME. The soul was never perfect and it never will be. We were born into sin and shaped in iniquity a said David the Psalmist. When we leave this body, we will return to the dust of the ground and our mind/soul with it. There will be no reason to choose anymore. Why try holding on to your soul? Why try to fight for something that was never meant to be perfect? The serpent attacked the ego or soul of man in the beginning, he never attacked the spirit because it was already spoken before man became a living soul. In Jeremiah 1, this book continues to bear witness to the beginning, the spirit of God spoke to Jeremiah that before He formed him in his mothers womb he separated and sanctified him. So at that point Jeremiah had a choice to bear witness to the spirit within him. Jeremiah was referred to as the weeping prophet, so he cried all the time about warning man of their folly and to point them back to God. God knew this about this man’s soul but reminded him in His spirit who he was. In other words Jeremiah, go in your spirit and speak to the soul of humankind.

Yes it’s hard to hurt someone’s feelings when you have to say goodbye to them because they drain you or they have too many issues to name and it disturbs your peace. It’s hard to choose to take the narrow path, because everybody seems to be going with the majority. When a politician make promises that play on your emotions it’s hard not to vote them because you desire to see change for humankind. All of these choices vex our soul, because the politician will never make good on his promises; every person has a choice to either go to work to pay taxes or not. The poor will remain impoverished and the rich will continue to be greedy. It feels good to the soul for the person on TikTok to finally explain to you that the other person that disappointed you is actually a narcissist; it validates your hurt. It merely feels better to follow the majority because no one wants to feel alone.

The soul is already broken Sisters and Brothers. The spirit in us is perfect and our Creator wants us to rest in that truth. Jesus, operating from Spirit said, but the hour cometh and now is, that true worshippers will worship in Spirit and in truth. God is a Spirit and they that worship Him shall worship in spirit and in truth. Somewhere in your will, your soul you urged to be pointed back to spirit. There is no need to fight to hold on to something that will never be perfect. Just remember who you are in spirit and take the rest there. As long as we are on this planet, working to pay taxes or should I say pay to live has to be done for some of us. Being the poor will always be, because it brings balance and moves on the heart of those more fortunate to give. Some human will always be in a cycle of unhealed hurt, so if they are not conscious about what they do to you; you have to forgive them anyway. God has given every human a perfect spirit; make or female, poor or rich, melanin or not, Baptist or Muslim, Catholic or Jew. And the peace, love, goodness, temperance, gentleness are beyond what we see, say, believe and feel. It’s Beyond.

Love Always, Carla Divine.


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