The Standing Soldier

When you’ve done all, just stand armed with? You already know what Ephesians 6 tell us about and how to arm ourselves in standing. I don’t know about you, but as humans it seems very difficult to just stand, without the temptation to fight I mean. If we’re not fighting our thoughts, we’re fighting our past hurts. If we’re not fighting for peace of mind, we’re fighting to get our joy back we lost when somebody has pissed us off. Some may be fighting to cast cares, they seem to keep picking back up. Everyday and everything seems to be a temptation to fight for. Hmph, it’s because we are human beings that refuse to lose. So fighting is merely in us, war has always happened. David was a King, but not a king to just sit on the throne; he went out and fought for what was rightfully heired as his. David was territorial, even when it came to his woman Bathsheba. Mary the mother of Jesus, was just as territorial. When Gabriel approached her with her assignment, she made the move to protect and guard her purpose. The minute an opportunity presented itself for Jesus to perform His first assignment, she fought Him on it. ”It’s not my time Ma”. ”Look hea son, get there turn around and make this water into wine; let’s celebrate”. Mary couldn’t just stand there in this moment, she knew something had to be done. On one occasion, David didn’t just stand there, he inquired of the Lord and was instructed to go fight.

However, there are times that they just stood. Mary could not stop the crucifixion of her precious son, and she never even tried. She understood this assignment meant standing back and giving full authority to the will of God. Can’t say that much for our buddy Peter, the emotionally passionate one; the ear snatcher. But it was just merely in him to fight for Jesus, even though those same emotions caused him to deny Jesus. Although, it was wrong, David couldn’t make the move to kill Uriah himself; he kept his hands clean to an extent.

Everything is not worth fighting for or over. And some things are not our battles. Acceptance is everything in the days ahead. We as believers have prayed for this country and our families. We’ve prayed for protection from this virus, but yet many, many have died. What a test of faith. Some have prayed for this thing to die away and just to have a sense of normalcy back, but yet it has gotten worse. Seems the more we’ve fought in prayer, the more some have gotten discouraged by what they see. Faith is not a fight to believe the best regardless of what you witness with your eyes. And neither should you feel bad because you doubt in these uncertain times. But Faith is accepting what God allows, because ultimately the battle is not yours, it IS the Lord’s. We can pattern ourselves after Jesus’ Mama, because she represents the body; the church. It is crucial to understand the assignment right now as a body of believers. And our only responsibility is to know that peace is always with us, it’s not something we contend or fight for. Just know that joy is always in you and it’s not something you have to step down from the throne of grace and go war after.

We are in the season to JUST STAND. Be encouraged, you have everything in your root system to stand. The word has been preached to you, we have sharpened one another’s iron and you have seen many victories and witnessed quite a few testimonies.

Love You Always,

Carla Mashell Dulaney


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