Empty The Bed….Keep Trucking

My son Johnathan is a truck driver and on our way to visit Alabama for The Wedding Before the Wedding’s Book Signing, I had a question about the weigh stations at every state. He explained to me that every state requires that your truck meet specific weight standards and that each state is different. Some states require you to stop, some do not and some will depend on if your truck appears to be overweight. I laugh at that because we all know, whatever state of mind one is in, will determine if you are carrying too much baggage in this wonderful place we all call, life. An unknown author of Hebrews, reminds us to lay aside every weight and sin that so easily besets us. But, this can be difficult sometimes when you don’t know what those weights are specifically; unless you haven’t been made aware of them. The only way to know, is to pay attention. Every truck driver should know if his bed, axle or rear is too weighty, because he either pays attention or ignore the signs. “Crap n Stuff” happen everyday to awaken us, but we can choose to ignore the signs of what needs to improve or pay attention and unload or readjust by changing the way we perceive a challenge. What I love about life though, is that no human being is exempt from it, but we do have a choice in the matter. So the next time life shows you specifically what needs to be readjusted, whether it’s through a loved one or just challenges we face in daily life. Pay attention dear one, they represent the flashing lights at every “state” or should I say ”state of mind” on this road of life each of us travel. But more importantly, Empty The Bed and Keep Trucking. Do not allow anything to set your journey at a delay; because you’ve chosen not to obey the laws of your growth.

Love You Always, Carla Mashell Dulaney


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