No Strip Tease

My son Sam and I would like to introduce you to our first impromptu interview, we ran into our first random couple at the Social House in Arlington, TX. We kept their identities secret, of course. I decided to do this in order to get different views on the single life. We had so much fun. I was so intrigued by such a beautiful and wise young woman and I am happy to say; is originally from Mobile. Never seen her or even ran into her in Mobile; knowing how small our city is. But what also intrigued me about this gentleman was that he spoke so highly of her, he truthfully spoke, that he saw what was beyond her occupation as a professional dancer. Yep, the two met at a strip club, and he saw beyond what some would perceive as wrong. He put it so eloquently in his soft spoken voice “it’s not who she is”.

The essence of who we are goes beyond what we choose to do with our lives. Our identity is not tied to our occupations, our challenges, our mistakes or mishaps. We stand with roots that run deeper than what the eye can see or what our minds may perceive. I love the publication of In The Wedding Before The Wedding. In this two part novella, I’ve created the characters of men with hearts like Jesus. Men that understand fully, that perfect love cast out fear. Men that don’t allow their insecurities to manipulate or control a woman. I’ll stop typing and let you enjoy the video.

Love You Always, Carla Dulaney.


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