This Girl is on Campfire

To turn 47 was already a moment I was looking forward to, and I knew essentially that it was going to be a divine day. April 22, 2021 was going to be a day of winning or should I say “I Won”, I believed something amazing was in store for this Earth Child. The moment it hit me to go to Broken Bow, OK; I called my sister because I knew she would help me organize the financial part of it. She came through with no hesitation. I jumped at the opportunity and texted all of the ladies I desired to be there. Those that were interested, jumped right on in. It was an opportunity for them to have some rest and relaxation; a well needed vacation. But most of all, we all could use an EXPERIENCE. T-shirts had to be made and for Carla; a theme had to be established; I’m extra like that. So I spoke to my sweet coworker Madison, who does shirts for the office, and she suggested I come up with a theme. (You can follow her @tmadib_) “Oh trust honey, I will”. That’s what I said. One day listening to “This Girl is on Fire” by Alicia Keys inspired the idea and because we were going to a cabin and will ultimately roast marshmallows; these girls will be in campfire. I’m even the more excited.

Finally the day is here, my sister is coming from Mobile and so is Omeka, a high school friend. Nikki, my high school friend, but now Sister agreed to be our bartender and chef. My childhood friend Keisha; another gut busting laughing partner. Cheryl was someone we would be getting to know, but Tameka who is such an advocate of “Human Resources” invited her believing that she needed the “girl time”. The ladies on this trip will make every moment unique and special. But because we all love to have fun; we will be laughing the whole weekend. Who knew that the first thing to laugh at would be Cheryl’s phobia of “other people driving me anywhere”? She prayed, fasted and gripped the door pumping her invisible brakes the whole ride. Reva, Keisha and I were in the back seat “tasting the rainbow” (popping skittles) in order to relax. Who knew that getting lost would be so funny. Why? Because our GPS kept leading us to the wrong cabin, not just once but 3 times. Once, we actually decided to listen to the GPS by driving up to the wrong cabin. This wrong cabin had a little lake in front of it, it sat beyond a small hill; but we were willing to take the chance of driving into the lake because the GPS said so. After much complaining, the GPS/Male heard us and decided to give the task over to the GPS/Female; well she didn’t do any better because she had an attitude. We decided to call Nikki to get her to lead us in, but that didn’t work either. Being told, in the dark, to drive till you can’t drive no more and the cabin is on the right was the wrong answer. We took that advice and ended up at a sign giving us the option to go either left or right; but with no cabins in sight. Back this Range Rover up, we are calling them to come and get us. We sat right there until we saw headlights coming our way. Help was on the way! Since the partnership of the GPS system failed us, our human friends had saved the day! No I mean night! No, I mean midnight. So funny! After all was said and done though, it was only right; somebody had to get lost in the woods.

Nevertheless, we made it to our cabin and it was absolutely beautiful. It was all worth the trouble too, the Lord had kept us from getting eaten by bears and attacked by a Sasquatch. But the highlight of it all was the fact that our cabin was named “A License to Chill”. How divine was that, a spot for a group of ladies that had given their “all” to others and their families during the week. We were literally handed a “License to Chill” and the freedom to let it all hang out.

A few hours later into the next day; Cheryl made it known how much she had forgiven the drive and cooked herself in the jacuzzi for hours. (Per Keisha) A fresh cup of coffee, and listening to the birds chirp and sing while visiting with my childhood friend Keisha was quite chilled. Then slowly but surely everyone joins us with blankets wrapped around themselves to sit in front of the fireplace. “Infamous Chef Nikki” demands we stay out of her kitchen while she made waffles with fresh blueberries with eggs, fresh fruit, bacon and turkey sausage. But she didn’t get the eggs, sausage nor the bacon from the local Walmart; that Walmart has never sold meat.

“Ok, put cho shirt on that says you are on campfire; but wait let’s tear it up and make it look sexy”. Keisha was assigned to the task and she had us looking right. Now it’s out the door for a tipsy hike up the street. Yes, we were walking, hiking and tripping; it felt like the days of walking to other neighborhoods with your friends. We gathered stones, saved the stones and made videos of our first episode of “This Girl is on Campfire”.

Our bodies did not fail to remind us that we needed a nap. That’s just what some of us did, sat around or went to sleep to rest up for our Saturday night Taco Bar that the chef suggested. But guess where the Chef was? Yep, you guessed it. Sleep. But it was all good, Tameka and I ended up cooking. It was quite delicious too. Because I didn’t take a nap with everybody else, I was beat. We sat around the campfire and roasted s’mores, which almost didn’t happen.

This particular cabin was just the right size for our group. The bathrooms were immaculate and Broken Bow was sure to cater to the royalty we are. The cabin was clean and well stocked with all that we needed as far as cooking utensils, towels, extra linens and even K-Cups of tea and coffee.

This was a beautiful experience with the ladies I knew well and the one I was getting to know. We had a blast! Thank you VRBO and Broken Bow Cabins for giving us the License to Chill.

Saving the Stones by Tameka Bolton


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