A Lefty’s Love Collection

This next encounter and/or experience is what originally encouraged the idea of Carla’s Blog Spirationals. I visit my childhood friend Keisha Taylor, in Dallas occasionally, but this day I was delivering their wedding gift a “Name Frame by Carla”. Lynn and Keisha had recently returned from a very important event, the celebration of making their marriage official with a wedding in Vegas. So a celebration was in order, besides, with Keisha being a wine connoisseur, I believe everyday is a celebration. But on this particular day, grits, salt and sugar came up and what can I say, my mind opened up to all sorts of creative possibilities. What started out as just a simple interest of seeing Lynn’s collection of guitars, got my ears to itching and I wanted to learn more. Lynn doesn’t consider himself to be a musician or a guitarist, but the sound of the guitar from Stevie Ray Vaughan in Austin City Limits, sparked the young boy’s first crush; and now his collection has become a successful love connection. At one point of Lynn’s tour, he describes his guitars like women. Shapely works of art. Slender at the top and fully figured at the bottom. Like some love affairs, it starts out physical and then develops into something more.

The more Lynn educated me about his collection, the more I started to understand that his passion went beyond the beauty and the sound of these 53 concubines. It even goes beyond wanting to learn how to play. So I asked him why and why left handed guitars and his response was “Even though I am not a good player, I still enjoy playing what I can. Left handed guitars are few and far between. While high quality lefties are rarer, I enjoy buying high quality left handed guitars for the simple pleasure of knowing they exist”. Aha! Simple pleasure of knowing that they exist. A statement from a man who is passionate and intentional about what he wants. So in many areas of our dialogue, Lynn provided me with his education and the background of each stringed damsel, although of high importance, I am more focused on his interest and his connection. It is “the what” that inspires me about this Love Affair and the very heart of this gentleman. It’s the fact that he has chosen to spend some of his time and parts of his life with something so beautifully rare and extraordinarily unique. With any relationship, first comes the interest and then the willingness to learn and discover what’s beyond the surface. Usually what’s beyond the surface leads to greater connection and eventually you become one based on what you’ve discovered. Becoming one, usually denotes marriage; bringing me to the final stage in all of this. Lynn has effortlessly made room for these guitar goddesses a part of his family. How you say? By way of comparing certain guitars to his mother and siblings. His mother born in 1954 is compared with his 1954 Fender/Stratocaster. One of his brothers born in 1971 is compared to a guitar that has 1 less screw and I’m sure you can figure that one out. His brother born in 1983 who he refers to as a professional student, possessing 2 Bachelors, 2 Masters and 2 Doctrine Degrees is compared to the Stratocaster Elite. Last, but certainly not least; his one and only younger sister born in 1985 would be the Fender/Stratocaster’s rarest Japanese/American Guitar.

Although he is not a musician, and before he even laid his hands to the instrument; he had already experienced the love for the most important part of a guitar; the sound. Listening with our heart, listening with our spirit captivates and draws what ultimately will become our tambour.

Lynn and Keisha Hawley, may God continue to Bless your union, because you have opened my eyes of understanding to what real love is. Based on my observation, I am most certain that when you said I Do; it was because you heard a sound. As with any relationship, whether it be with self first and then someone else; there is a sound that we should all connect with. However, what happens in between all of that becomes irrelevant once we make our way back to THE SOUND. Childhood friend, I’m thankful that discovering who I am has led us back together that I may be inspired; and I am INSPIRED.


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