Brisket? Barbecue? Butterflies?

Talk about an  inspiration, No Need 4 Appraisal’s next “already worthy” of this Blog Spirational. I believe you already know him, Sean McGlothin; my Texas Best Friend.  You’ve read about him and our deepest conversations in earlier blog posts. He’s my brisket smoking, “because my grandfathers were the best at it”  and the only man in Texas that “literally” gives me butterflies. The more time I’ve spent with him, the more layers to him are being revealed. While eating his brisket and sharing conversations, I’ve witnessed how much of a hard worker he truly is, and why he takes pride in all that he does. Sean is a single father and an absolutely amazing son. His mother Renee, a former nurse is currently journeying through Dementia. He prides himself also, on protecting her while he works. And when I tell you he has every gadget in the world to protect her; he has every gadget in the world to protect her. Renee is less likely to wander off, cook a full fledge meal or even smoke a brisket when she gets hungry. Yes, I said smoke a brisket. In my most recent visit, and what inspired this Blog Spirational, was when Sean showed her a picture of her grandmother, she didn’t hesitate expressing who she was. I am so grateful to be able to see, one journeying through Dementia, their capabilities to express moments or precious people lodged in the spirit of their mind. It should remind us to love and embrace each happy moment, in the moment. Renee’s great great-grandfather is Roger Hughes Sr. He was very well known for his barbecue and hot links that he and his family served at the 1100 block of Bryan St.; known as Hughes Barbecue. Her father Roger Hughes Jr., who passed away in 2005, kept that tradition and secret recipe of barbecue and hot links alive. During my visit that day, Sean pulls out these black owned newspapers (butterflies again) La Vida News and Fort Worth Mind from January 1975. Of course, his great great great grandfather born in 1890 is on the front cover titling him “The Barbecue and Hot Links King”. The publications were celebrating his life and legacy after his passing. Roger Hughes Sr. was quoted as saying in The Fort Worth Mind’s issue from 1975, “pride can make you rich or pride can make you poor”. Mr. Hughes clarified his statement by saying “one’s pride sometimes stop him from doing a thing because he thinks he is too good to do this or that, when if that person continue, he would succeed, or it might give him the vision to do something else that he is called to do by the Almighty God”. A word of wisdom coming from one of Fort Worth’s first black millionaires, a gentleman helping blacks to become homeowners while satisfying their cravings for good barbecue and don’t forget “hot links”. Okay, gives me butterflies one more time. Why? Because these are examples of whispers from the spirit of our black heritage. Sean more often than not, smokes his own brisket and treats me to indulge occasionally. Thanks Sean! I am even more honored to have the inside story of why his brisket taste so good, it possesses some Roger Hughes DNA in it. A marinate of the Faith in the Almighty God, pride, courage and the tenacity to defy the system of racism. Obviously it made no difference to him. Black History, Black Heritage leads me to believe, especially when we are supportive of one another, that nothing shall be impossible. And Sean is very supportive of his culture, and I’m glad to be one of those he supports. He has inspired me to keep writing and to never stop creating.

Love Always, Carla Mashell Dulaney

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2 thoughts on “Brisket? Barbecue? Butterflies?

  1. Loved this! Sean is my cousin and you both captured this story amazingly well. Thank you both. Roger Hughes was a genius and his lineage continues his legacy in every way.

    Marnese Barksdale Elder.


    1. Thank you Marnese. You are absolutely right, I was telling my young adults about Mr. Roger Hughes yesterday, it was such an honor to learn about him. Sean is very proud and I’m thankful he was compelled to share.


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