Naked Nation….12 Days Pass

This beautiful Japanese Maple Tree resides at The First United Methodist Church in Downtown Fort Worth, an absolute beautiful district. I love working in this area. On December 9, I was amazed and drawn to take a picture of its beauty. The sun’s rays magnified her beauty even the more. I was so full of the peace I couldn’t understand, my energy was super high and I was glad to be among the living. But, the Lord wanted me to see something, and exactly 12 days later He focused my attention back to this tree in its naked form.

I could not believe how something that beautiful could be gone in 12 days; I mean a drastic change. From full of beauty and life to absolute nakedness! I remember just how I felt the day I noticed no more leaves, I was a bit disappointed, because I wanted them to stay. That beauty didn’t last long enough for me to enjoy. However, the number 12, I’ve often heard from other ministers and of course google; symbolizes the perfect government of God. There were 12 disciples, twelve tribes of Israel, and Revelation 22;2 says there was a tree bearing twelve manner of fruits for the healing of a nation. Now that really stirred me up. A tree/we as a people/a nation have to go through a pruning in order to bear more fruit. That’s according to the teachings of Jesus in John 15. There has to be a loss in order for there to be a gain. How would you have known there was a “bird house” there if the leaves hadn’t gone, lol! But truthfully, there is a revelation to all that is happening presently in our world, God is revealing and uncovering so much. And it is FOR OUR GOOD! I’m too excited.

We are in a season, the season that was predestined for change. And if this season is threatened, there would be no way for new establishment or a groundbreaking to come. If we didn’t suffer change, there would be no transformation or a place for new life to set in. I’m reminded at how the disciples wanted to hold on to Jesus, but He said, if I don’t go, the comforter can’t come. The comforter which is Holy Spirit is fruit for our awakened spirit. And there is fruit/nourishment that is in the form of change, a change that is divinely set in place. to bring healing to our nation. I’m ready for Jesus, He is coming back. Be encouraged and stay ready so you don’t have to get ready, per Cedrick the Entertainer.

Love Always,

Carla Mashell Dulaney


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