Iris, Dahlia, Rose, Lily and Jade A Bouquet of Life

Thank you to everyone that has been a support of my first novella The Wedding Before The Wedding. I was inspired to write this story from a place of creativity but to also include the real life challenges of being women and balancing life as Believers. Some women deal with the challenge of committing to themselves first (more than others) while other women continue to hurt and are not sure how to heal through it. Regardless to our race, spirituality, religion or economic status, we experience hurt the same. We gain strength from one another to press through when we are connected without reservation. How do we balance it all? How do we remind each other that we are still worthy through the process? I believe this story reveals that answer; the answer of true “sisterhood”.

I am super excited about the 2nd Series; the creativity is springing up from the deepest part of the well in me. Please help me to continue the mission of promoting Authentic Sisterhood and bridging the gap between judging one another in our hurt and feeling free to share without reservation.

1st of the 6 Book Series of The Wedding Before The Wedding

This story is unique and multiculturally fun. Enjoy the journeys of a diverse sisterhood and how Iris and her crew get’s each other through. It’s beautiful, it’s fun and it makes for a good SELF LOVE STORY.



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