You Are Full of It

I can’t stress it enough to myself and many that I witness to, we are enough and we measure up! My youngest son and I have deep conversations about his break up from his first love (a girl of course). He comes to me, very transparent about the issues in his mind he battles with about their break up. This is where I too am able to be transparent and do my testifying of the truth. I educate him on the fact that in this life we have things we are delivered from and things that we yet have to battle. One in particular, the insecurities of being accepted. This is a generational battle. It’s one I do not believe we will totally be rid of; Paul calls it the thorn in our flesh. The thorn that will keep us humbled and dependent upon the strength and grace of God. However, with God we will always get the victory. Battles have to be fought; and will continue to have to be. Battles are a part of our life’s order, kingdom order, world order and military order. We won’t totally be done fighting battles until we expire. So you might as well STAND knowing that you will ultimately get the victory; whether it be today, tomorrow or next year. Insecurity, Joshua and Carla will not just die. The spirit of anything, sister or brother, lingers and takes up occupancy in our minds and all around us. In our minds, because we were fashioned in it when we were born, raised, taught, influenced by or if we at some point in our life chose “it”. But the GREAT NEWS is, God knows it and He also is a part of it. I say that because, the devil, the spirit of evil wouldn’t have power, if God had not given it a choice to be evil. Everything that God chose, has a purpose and it serves its purpose. Evil has one, whether we believe it or not; and guess what? Evil is in us. But hold on, before you get offended; God who IS Good all the time and all the time He IS good is also in you. And He is also a part of the choice that He obliged to every human being. Every day, week, month or year we have to battle with our ”it-sue” (issue) we are given the choice at that moment to win or not.

There are “it-sues” that we have truly been delivered from and those are the things we are not forced, any longer, to make a choice about. I was a marijuana smoker in my past and even in the last couple of years I revisited it, but it is something that I can say I have been delivered from. Why? Because I don’t like its affect on me. But at some point in my life, I thought I had to have it. NOT today, therefore I can declare that I have been delivered. But this darn fight with “am I enough“, and the assumptions I make of what others think of me; continues to be a fight that I choose to win by standing and declaring that I AM ENOUGH with God!

This blog is basically to enlighten and encourage you. Now, just because you gave your life to Christ, does not mean you are done fighting. It just means you no longer have to fight this battle alone. He IS in you and IS a very present help in your time of trouble/choosing. STAND believing that you are full of God’s grace, goodness and love and you my friend do not have to be perfect to walk in that truth. Your cup runneth over Psalms 23 says; so believe it, give power to that truth!

Love You Always,

Carla Mashell Dulaney


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