The Four Colored Girls in Harmony

I walked into City View Florist on Saturday, super excited about the arrangement that I created and ordered. This arrangement represents each character in my upcoming novel, “The Wedding Before the Wedding”. When I walked, in my face was already lit up and so was my heart. When Carly brought out the arrangement, I immediately felt my heart drop and it was evident that I was not pleased. But Carly was not going to let me leave without fixing it, absolute GREAT customer service. I already knew we couldn’t add the Iris, because the Texas heat would have devoured the delicate flower. My creation was missing something else; I just wasn’t sure what it was. Carly says, “follow me to the fridge and we can figure it out”. We head back to the fridge but it still takes me a minute, because I wasn’t exactly sure about what was missing. Then I spotted the lilies. It is the flower that represents love in this arrangement as well as the blissfully married character in the novel. If we don’t have Lily, we don’t have the example of a “standing no matter what” kind of love in the midst of all her single friends. Mukiako Wright, who is pictured in the featured photo is not only the face of Lily, but she is a true example of “love in marriage”. She and her husband have been colorfully and harmoniously married for 23 years.

After the florals were revamped perfectly in their vase, I was on to the next mission. The mission of meeting and learning more about the faces that will represent this beautiful bouquet. The bouquet that epitomize passion, strength, courage, love and wisdom. Capricia Bell-Foggle who is 2nd left, is the face of Jade and the true life best friend of Mukiako (Lily). Jade is the succulent, the greenery that balances the novel’s friendship with a delicate strength. Capricia’s beauty, personality and genuine spirit speaks exactly that. She has been given the role of GodMama in Mukiako’s children’s lives; and GodMamas always have an amazing strength. I’m too excited! Tameka Bolton is the face of our dear and wise friend Rose. Tameka took her role very seriously, she wore a red dress with roses on it to our dinner meeting. Absolutely appreciate her for that. Tameka has personally shown me support and love since I’ve met her. She invited me into her life as a sister. Tameka is a phenomenal nurse, (not just saying that) I’ve seen the evidence of how much she genuinely loves her patients and her work. She is the perfect example for the role of Rose. I am so grateful for the connections I’ve made with these ladies. Dahlia is our next character and she is quite intriguing, but that role has not been filled yet. Dahlia is our flower of passion; she loves her monetary status and she is not ashamed to tell the world how she makes her coins; so stay tuned.

Mukiako and Capricia did not show up for our dinner empty handed either. The cup and butterfly ring were such beautiful and heartwarming gestures. I wasn’t expecting it at all, but I am thankful for the evident support. My dreams start here! I have butterflies just thinking about it.

I hope this mini synopsis gets you excited about Assistant Principal Iris Jeanine Loda’s and her devoted friends’ journies of excitement, disappointments, marriages and main journey of back to self commitments. Stay tuned October 1st is the expected arrival!

Love You Always,

Carla Mashell Dulaney


5 thoughts on “The Four Colored Girls in Harmony

  1. Love it! I am so excited about the story and the story line! I am here for it all! This is a story that every woman can relate to. It is inspiring and motivating. The captures the true essence of strength, beauty and the struggles we all experience. Women are awesome creatures with so much to give and offer even when we don’t see it. Your dreams start here! The sky is not the limit! You will go beyond the sky! I am so happy and proud to experience this with you. God Bless!


  2. I couldn’t expect any less when reading the touching and genuine reflection of our Sunday night adventure. I admire your spirit, heart and fire C. Dulaney. I can’t wait to see more, Enjoy your journey.


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