Boaz? Blessing?

Being single has been bitter sweet for me. I love rolling over in my bed, and no one else is over there. I love going into my bedroom and there is a walk in closet with just my clothes, arranged the way that I want them. I love that the only dead skin in my sheets, belong to me. However, it gets rather lonely at times, because I am use to a person being in my life. If you’re wondering, yes, I have dated and dating has taught me a lot about myself and why for so long I’ve settled. I’ve settled because, I never knew what I WANTED. I just assumed that it was all in God’s hands. Big mistake! God is so good, and yes His plans are to prosper us and give us hope and a future. However, Jeremiah 29;11 is a principal and the heart of God. My motto and declaration through this journey has been, “Choose Happy”. And that is exactly what God has granted all of us, the choice. Choices happen everyday, throughout our lives; marriage, relationships, religion, spirituality and careers. Choosing happy is so broad and I have never been specific when it came to my life. And dating has taught me to be specific. Don’t just assume that God has it all figured out for you. Why? Because, this journey comes with decisions and sometimes we make the wrong ones that teach us to make the right ones. I love that God has made ALL things to work together for our good. Even our bad choices, Oh How I Love Jesus!

Sisters and Brothers, if you’re not specific with the Father in your prayers, anything will show up and you’ll settle for it. And I awakened to the fact that I didn’t know who I was, because I didn’t know what to pray for. So it definitely starts with knowing your worth. That’s also a broad statement. Something that is just often said and never really defined. Yes, we are all worthy of happiness and peace. But, have you ever really sat and thought about what that means to you specifically. Worthy to me is: If Jesus says for a man to love His wife like Christ loved the church, I believe that. Meaning a man will lay down his life for me despite how he feels. He won’t let his pride deprive me of his best. I believe that perfect love casts out fear. So to me that means, my next husband will not be afraid that if he gives me his all; I’ll take advantage of him. God has granted us grace through Jesus Christ and my next husband will fully understand that.

In closing, I confess, I positioned myself to just date with no desire whatsoever to anticipate marriage; because I love rolling over in my bed and nobody is over there. (Lol) But I also know that with dating, for me; the woman of God in me desires to be loved and committed to. Because, I AM WORTHY! I am an amazing woman with God and it is time for me to stand positioned in that fact. Positioned that I am enough and I ain’t gotta fix up nothing to be loved. I want the Blessing of God, not just the Boaz. The minute Ruth decided that Naomi’s God shall be her God; the blessing came on her at that very moment. (Ruth 1) So when Boaz met her, he saw the blessing. (Ruth 2;8) Boaz was able to identify the blessing, not the fact that she was a Moabite; but because he was blessed he recognized the blessing. I stand blessed without a husband currently and that’s because I acknowledge it. (More power in acknowledgement) And the one that finds me, will already have the blessing on him. We will be two blessed people, BLESSED. But right now, I am enjoying my SAVAGELY SINGLE SELF!

Don’t just know your worth, KNOW YOUR WORTH. What are your core values, what do you want specifically from this journey of life. You are gifted and you are already blessed, stand and acknowledge it.

Love Always, Carla Mashell Dulaney


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