Need to Be….I Already Am

Hate is an ugly word, and there is much passion behind it; but it’s a human emotion formed by prejudice and judgement. Rejection is so painful, another human emotion that is fashioned over time and as a result of prejudice and judgement. I believe they hold a smell that you can almost taste. And when rejected, we can hear the voices of those that we have experienced betrayal or rejection from. Love and acceptance are spiritual elements inspired by faith. I remember asking God; why is it that I cannot feel your acceptance and love the way I feel this rejection? My conversation went something like this: “Lord, rejection is a gut punching, terrible and almost hell experience. Lord I know your presence, I hear your voice. I know you are faithful. But why, is this pain so intense. Lord, I want to experience what you call love and acceptance. This acceptance that you gave the Samaritan Woman, who was clearly seeking it through religion, men and other human beings.“ I illustrate her because, she was once forsaken. She said to Jesus at the well, “Jews have no dealings with us Samaritans”. John stated, “it was absolutely necessary for Jesus to go through Samaria”, so you know how important it was for Jesus end this cycle for this woman.

First of all, who you are seeking acceptance from is not capable because they are human. Put no confidence in man. Whenever we operate from our human place, there will be judgement of our peers, there will be prejudice and there will be a force that wants to keep us divided. Religion is divided. Races are divided. Reputations are divided. We are constantly trying to find our place to fit. Don’t get me wrong, as earthly beings, it is what it is. But where are we operating from?

My spirit said to me: “If you are waiting to feel and experience love you will be waiting a long time”. Acceptance is NOT a feeling. Love is NOT a feeling. Human desires never get satisfied. They want more and more. They are just like cravings for sugar, salty snacks and alcohol and drugs when we want to just feel better. (I know this is not a food and healthy eating blog). However, this is what keeps our bodies full of inflammation. Some of us are not fat, we are just bloated. Bloated with what we think we need. A good flush with water will do the trick. A good flush with a word from the spirit, will do the trick. But, it is definitely a lifestyle change, not a diet. We crave what we think we don’t have because we feel inadequate or like we just need it. Getting to a place of trusting that we already have it is a process. “Need to Be…..I Am”; the dots in between represent the process. With a lifestyle change, it merely becomes a daily reminder. Because we are still human, living day to day with temptations that pull on our cravings. I am certain the Samaritan Woman still had to put in practice what she learned from Jesus. She went and told the men, “come see a man who told me all I ever did”. She started to testify to her temptations. She told the men about I AM. You are loved sisters and brothers. You are accepted, sisters and brothers. The minute that place in you feels inadequate, tell it about I AM.


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