Crowning Don’t Feel Good

When we’re in labor and the crowning takes place, we have done most of the work; it’s almost over. We get to see that fat boy or girl we’ve carried for 36-40 weeks. I felt the crowning with one of my babies, because the epidural was wearing off and boy does that hurt. In a game of Checkers, it doesn’t feel good for the opponent to have to crown you once you reach the other side of that board. “Forgive them for they know not what they do”. (Luke 23;34) We all know who said that. He wasn’t just saying it either. He had to wear that painful crown of thorns temporarily until He obtained His crown of victory. Psalms tells us that He crowns the humble with victory. (Psalms 149;4) But what I truly want to convey in this blog is how crowns of victory and crowns of life are actually ways of thinking; an acknowledgement that we just walk in. A walk with your head held high, a posture, a stance or a position. When I saw it as a rule or something Jesus was just telling me to do, so I can go to heaven or be pleasing in His sight. Shoot, I felt defeated all the time and didn’t even wanna go to heaven no mo. It is hard to forgive people when they know exactly what they are doing. I have learned that just like “forgive them for they know not what they do” is a stance. Guess what, “I’m gonna “try” to forgive them, because they know exactly what they are doing” is a stance. What happens with that is, as human beings, we completely change the dynamic of God’s word and the victory we are created to walk in is shaken and its no longer clear. “Church hurt“ they say is the worst hurt; because we go in with the mindset that they should be better than the world. However, I didn’t exactly walk in with my victory stance. Therefore, my lil world was shaken. I was harboring unforgiveness (my stance) against folk that I really thought I had forgiven, until I was tested by another human being that reminded me of their behavior. I’m not a vocal person, I don’t do confrontation well; so I held a lot in. Even in my prayers, honestly, I can’t remember ever asking God to help me forgive them; because to me they knew what they were doing. I married a man that was just as human as I was, but yet I couldn’t shake how I could be more perfect in God than He was. SMH! HaHaHa! I had a lot to learn about being a Woman of God and a wife. People are human just like we are, they had limits in their upbringing just like me, there is a level of dysfunction in every home. We truly, don’t know what we do. I say “we” considering myself. But, the victory is in knowing that I am still crowned royalty in God’s sight regardless of the mistakes I make. The crown may shift a little, but GLORY! God’ grace is sufficient. Since being out of church for over 6 years and being divorced for a little over two; I have really seen God’s word in a different way. I’ve even gone back to church for real for real and it’s so refreshing because my views have changed. Church has a different aroma. It’s that crown of victory, my new mindset, the new way of thinking.

I believe based on God’s word, the crowns symbolize our way of thinking. The crown of thorns placed on Jesus’ head was how they saw Him, they were mocking Him as the King of the Jews. But, later, Hallelujah! He rose and was crowned with Glory to prove to them who He is.

Be encouraged! Stand up, stand still and know that He is God! As you emerge as a diamond, just know that the crown victory is waiting.

I love you, Carla Mashell Dulaney


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