Established As…But Now Is?

Whenever I hear the word established, I think of when something was created; started or birthed. It is something that cannot be undone, redone or taken away. When something or even someone is established you can only expect growth, evolution and ultimately an expiration; however, it or they will never be forgotten. I say evolve, because whatever has been established will change over time, we cannot expect anything to remain the same as long as it is alive and going through the process of people, environments, ethnicities, behaviors and influences. The featured photo appeared to be a sliding board that was designed before I was born, I remember the slides I use to slide on, they were heavy duty, iron or steel.

The United States was founded, according to history, in 1492 but established as an independent country July 4, 1776. The United States was said to be founded on one thing, but the influences of a different president every four to eight years, has evolved to being another. Make America Great Again? I’m sorry Donald Trump, you cannot undo what has already been done. You don’t have enough power nor money to make that happen. Let’s keep moving forward and give someone else a chance to put their two cents in for the next four years.

At this point in my life, I regret getting married, but I loved getting divorced. However, I can’t change getting married, I can’t redo it and I can not undo it. I have to move forward as an established “divorcee” now. As I started to change and evolve, I no longer wanted to be married to my then husband. I no longer just wanted to sit in front of the tv Saturday after Saturday, get fatter month after month, go to church Sunday after Sunday and continue hearing the same message over and over. I had evolved into a fat caterpillar after 12 years. Reminds me of that fat caterpillar from A Bug’s Life. He finally got his wings and they just popped out, no chrysalis or anything.

Carla Dulaney was established in 1974 but around 1994 I had to evolve into a mother of 5 children and a kept woman, that’s all I knew for 22 years. My babies are grown ups now, I don’t regret being established as a mommy in 1994, because of them I have evolved in to a work of art at 45. I am actually able to say that I am thankful for the preservation that the bondage to fear has contributed to my life today. I have released the anger and the unforgiveness I once held.

I have been instructed by the late Kate Spade, to “live colorfully”. And I sure will! It’s so many tints and shades to this abstract lady! Sisters and brothers don’t count anything a failure in your life. Count it a stroke of color in the art that is you. Keep going, keep painting, keep living, keep dancing, keep getting up; there are more blank areas on the canvas.

White mixed with red makes pink, so the mistake you made in the life you thought was gonna perfect actually made you a pink sky, it’s the view in someone else’s eye. Carla M. Dulaney


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