Bath & Body Worked for Me

Fall is right around the corner, we’ve gotten use to what we know as summer.  But it’s coming, whether we are ready for it or not.  I went into Bath and Body Works to get my favorite wall flower scent, and I was in shock.  I was about to lay in the floor to throw a tantrum when the young lady told me that White Sands was discontinued.  She says “we are getting ready for Fall”.  “I don’t wanna get ready for Fall”!  So she proceeds to redirect me by asking “what did you like about it”? “It was retreaty”.  I am one who loves light, escaping and fresh scents!  She walks me over to the new scents and we get to smelling, and I’m falling in love again.  The sweet essence of escape takes me away, and they are all new scents.  Her question “what did you like about it” was the key to opening my mind to something different.  It was the initial shock of losing something I’d gotten use to and having to readjust was so scary.  She introduced me to Endless Weekends, At the Beach and Crisp Morning Air, awesome and “retreaty”.

As we approach this new season, stay open minded but relaxed that the essence of who you are is still there; but will be captivated by something more, different and even better!  Choose happy, do you and take a deep breath in and breathe out.


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