Voices in the Chaos

It has been a trying week for me, but I made it through.  I’ve been struggling with the decision to purchase a car for cash because I am so tired of paying a car note, darn it I want to save some money!  Well, I woke up Monday morning and my car wouldn’t start.  First thing I think, it’s the battery, so we tried to jump it off; nothing.  In fact, it got worse the more we tried to charge it.  The only thing I could think of at that point was to find a mechanic.  I know, I’ll call James, who I considered purchasing my cash car from.  He came out on Tuesday, meanwhile, so many suggestions and advice given; because now I am in straight survival mode.  All I could hear from within and from others is “shade tree mechanic”, that is all I’ve ever dealt with.  Finally, James checks it out on Thursday and he quoted me at $400 for a starter.  I’m like ok, I did not want to pay that, but since he was my only answer I have to pay that.  I literally took a deep breath and I heard a voice that was so unfamiliar.  Let’s call this man, Barry, because the voice sounded smooth and deep.  He asked me about the mileage and the age of the car, and he says “you should still be covered under the warranty”.  Why didn’t I think of that?  My answer, “you’ve struggled so long to survive, that you can’t recognize what’s warranted to you”.  I got my car fixed for “free” because an unfamiliar voice spoke and advised me.  I am so glad I got quiet and listened.  We can’t always trust the voices in the chaos, what will be spoken, won’t always come from within.


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