Rise Up & Run…Then Walk Tall

Sometimes it takes a while to accept that you are chosen and favored by God; if and when all you’ve heard or chose to believe were negative and harsh words.  However, I want to encourage someone today, right now, rise up against those negative forces in your mind and believe that you are all the good you dream to be.  If you are in connection with people that do not agree with that, RISE UP AND RUN!  Because whatever you believe about yourself, there are definitely people that will gravitate to you, either to help you kill your dreams or help you rebuild your dreams.   It starts first with your belief, Jesus said to those he healed; “your faith has made you whole”.  These people just found someone to help them realize that their answers came from within.  Jesus’ message was for them to know, that in order to keep this momentum of your wholeness going; don’t keep looking for someone to heal you, stop searching for an answer.  Believe the best about you, PLEASE!



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