Committed to the Crown

Her children rise up and call her blessed! (Proverbs 31:28)  Isn’t it so sweet and endearing when our children draw pictures of us, and their depictions look nothing at all like us?  But as mothers, we receive their heartfelt blessing with sincere gratitude.  My son Kristopher O’Cain has been drawing since he was a very young child, and he drew today’s featured image.  I believe this has been his best depiction of me yet.  He knows my story, he knows my heart and I believe he hears God’s voice about his mother.  I’ve found just how liberating it is to have raised, struggled with and overcome so many obstacles with my children.  I see my legacy of their commitment of love to others continue.  I see it continue in my daughter’s commitment to those she calls a friend, my eldest son and his devotion to his daughter, my other sons and their devotion to me as their mother.  Kristopher has given me the name Queen of Hearts, and at a point in my life where I felt so forsaken and taken for granted.  I was so bitter and thorny like the rose in the picture, but a rose wouldn’t be a rose without its thorns.  It was necessary!  The diamond represents me emerging from the depths of my broken spirit and heartache; to finally be crowned but only from a place of acknowledgment.  I am who I am, despite all that I’ve tried to disguise.  I love you my sisters and brothers and I want the best for you.  I will remain committed to the heart that God has given me, only by His grace.


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