Contentment; The Uncle in the Back Room

Happiness is like that neighbor that you don’t know, you wish she would stay around long enough for you to get acquainted; but nope.

Happiness is like that neighbor that visits occasionally to borrow something.

Happiness is the brief encounter of your birthday, but of course, you expect her only once a year.

     When I decided to relocate to Fort Worth, I only brought 3 scrubs, 2 pairs of jeans and 2 church outfits.   I believed I was eventually going back to get my other things.  I anticipated getting all of my business paperwork, the couch I fell in love with, the rest of my underwear, my favorite pairs of shoes, the pictures of my kids and my favorite books.  But, over time those things started not to matter to me and  I became content with my 3 scrubs and 2 church outfits.  So I gave my favorite couch to my daughter, and everything else ended up on the trash pile.  I was shocked at first, but once I put it all in perspective, I didn’t need it anyway.  To be honest, the thought of accumulating it all over again scares me.  I realize if I had to be the one to clear it all out, I would probably still have most of it.  What a relief!

Contentment is like the uncle in the back room, you’ll never know he’s there until you get in a tight and have to go to the restroom and he screams out “who dat”!

Contentment is always present, but we have to discover it and choose to commune with it.

Contentment is that uncle, who doesn’t need much.  But, happiness is like that neighbor, who always need something.

It takes so much to be happy, just relax and choose to be content


5 thoughts on “Contentment; The Uncle in the Back Room

  1. Choose to be happy!! That is indeed a choice!! And if things are bad then pray for the Lord to give you the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness per his Word… God bless you dear girl

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