To Go Plate

For many years I was led to believe that if you gave to yourself, you were considered selfish.  I was so self righteous, in the name of insecurity, I was afraid of displeasing God.  I needed Him to be proud of me.  I figured if I studied the Bible everyday just so I can teach it, I would hear “well done”.  I piled so much on my plate, only to serve others and never to partake for myself.  Yep, I was starving at times and had indigestion other times, because I didn’t let anything digest.  I was Anorexic in the spirit and bulimic in my personal life.  This left me unbalanced, unfulfilled and unhappy.  Whenever one hosts dinner at their home, everyone expects to take a “to go plate”.  It’s a sign that there is more than enough for you the host, your guests and even enough for them to take home.  It’s just proper hosting etiquette.

Oftentimes, we believe the things we are doing (in the name of insecurity) will profit us.  Trust me, I know from experience, there is no fruit in insecurity.  Insecurities will leave you with just enough.  Stop! Take a deep breath and listen.  Listen for what you really want, listen for what you are afraid of and then tell fear to shut up; put your best strength forward and walk it out.  Of course fear will keep talking, but your voice gets more and more powerful as you move in faith.  Personal growth will provide you with more than enough to serve others whole heartedly and partake of the blessings yourself.


3 thoughts on “To Go Plate

  1. Daughter,
    This blog left me in tears because I could identify with it on a very personal level! Isn’t the journey to self discovery beautiful?!


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