Exit Exam

I remember it being a requirement to take and pass an Exit Exam in order to graduate high school; that was a really big deal 26 years ago.  Although an exam is no longer required to graduate high school, it’s always required in your life.  As I think back on when the kids and I were living inside of the school, that was one test I wasn’t prepared for; to be homeless.  I thought for sure leaving a beautiful home with warm beds and a yard to play in would automatically grant us greater; not a school with rats and snakes to fight off.  Yes, literally, I fought a snake.  I had to, my children were in danger.  At this point I was fed up with the rats and now a snake, but my hands were tied.  We had to tough it out, it was all we had at that time.  After that fight, my appointment for housing came through a few days later and my babies and I were preparing for greater.  However, we weren’t going without another test or should I say fight.  My landlord at the time really wanted me to rent one of their homes which were close to the same conditions of the school; I was done with rats and snakes.  My housing voucher went missing after I refused to continue living under those conditions.  I searched high and low, I cried, I prayed and I screamed.  After the tantrum, God whispered to me, “check the dumpster”.  I climbed in and there it was, I screamed, I rejoiced and I cried some more.  It was my time to go; my EXODUS!

Times got really hard, so hard that I could have gone back to my beautiful home, with warm beds and my children’s toys.  But, we pressed in peace for one year.  The test that I didn’t study for, wasn’t at all prepared for, I passed and I got my cap, my gown, moved that tassel over to the other side and I graduated with honors from another form of bondage.  I just want to encourage you; you can do this my sister, you can make it my brother!  Don’t allow fear to cause you to look back; you’re about to graduate.


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