Be Worthy; Be Cherished; Just Be

A professional, experienced jeweler knows what he or she possesses.  He or she knows her stones, their diamonds and their gems.  Whenever they opt to buy or sell, they know exactly what to look for without even using a diamond tester.  I have endured so much abuse because I didn’t know my value, and I never thought to consult the jeweler; the Creator.   Sometimes we don’t feel worthy enough to consult the Father, out of fear that he might tell me what I already believe.  I went from one cycle of abuse to other cycles of abuse, all in the name of insecurity.  But today, I have emerged from the core of the earth, still a challenge sometimes because it was all I knew.  But,  I can hear the still soft reminders that tell me, “you’re my gem; I want to protect you”.   A jeweler knows what he possesses, and he won’t sell his merchandise to just anyone.  It has to be someone who is just as particular about his merchandise.  But, we have to relax ladies and just BE (No need for appraisal).  A diamond doesn’t get fearful and try to protect itself, or even  bend over backwards to prove its worth.  That is the job of the jeweler.  The Father, I Am, Higher Power; wants to protect you from being ab-used.


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