Oh Moissanite!

I just recently had some jewelry appraised, when Solomon wrote “hope deferred makes the heart sick”, he wasn’t lieing.  I wore this jewelry thinking I possessed something truly authentic, it was very beautiful, don’t get me wrong; but authentic it was not.  I learned that what I had, was Moissanite; a man made, chemically formulated diamond.  When we talk authentic diamond, we are talking about purely fashioned and wrought by God!  Diamonds are erupted from the earth, man has nothing at all to do with its value.  A diamond’s worth  and value cannot be tampered with and neither is it questioned.

Our individual calls and purposes were wrought and fashioned by God.  Social media, reality tv, our environments, our challenges nor our circumstances can take the place of what God has spoken over each of our lives before the foundation of this world.  These examples are like Moissanite in our lives; it can only shine and shimmer for so long before it is revealed and exposed as invaluable and inauthentic.  What God has said about you, remains pure and authentic!  Your challenges are just the pressure that will cause you to erupt and emerge as God’s Masterpiece, His Representative and His glory.


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