Rooting for You

Support is everything!  The energy from the crowd of a football or basketball game contributes to your favorite team’s win.  The energy that flows from believing in yourself and people believing in you and your dreams will cause things to happen.  As I look at this pic captured on one of my walks, I could hear the grass cheering for the vines as they connected together to form something so beautiful.  Since I’ve been in Texas, I have learned of so many partnerships that built some of the greatest legacies here.  For instance, the Stockyards and Chilsolm Trail were a partnership that was formed due to issues and conflicts herding cattle through Missouri.  (Wikipedia)  Because of Quanah Parker, Chief of Commanche Indians, allowing cowboys to use this trail, it is one of the leading attractions in Downtown Fort Worth.  Absolutely Beautiful!  Generations down the line continued the legacy, and the legacy continues. Homes are being built on the same lands and everywhere you turn there are little cities being built named after past lands.  I am sure I haven’t scratched the surface.  However, I have adopted a new energy since I’ve been in Texas.  Texas has empowered me.  This wall reminds me of millions of hands cupping one another, gifts, talents, money shared with each other can make the impossible possible.  I have resigned the surviving mentality, life is not just about surviving.  Surviving places restrictions on us. Surviving says “I only have enough for my family”.  “I’m just trying to make it”.  God has placed so much more in us, He is the root of this wall of vines.  This wall of vines has leaves that have life left in them as well as the evidence of the leaves that once were.  But, the once were is a vital part of the legacy.


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