Truth be told, I look pretty good in my clothes.  I use to cringe when I looked at myself naked, but I’m beginning to come around.  And I know it’s because God is teaching me to love what He has created spiritually as well as physically; I’m super excited!  Our seasons of nakedness is our opportunity to pay attention to life’s lessons.  I am 43 years old and I have just recently been exposed to my beautiful self.  I didn’t realize how smart, beautiful and fly I am.  I was too busy trying to create someone that was already created.  This lady just needed to be discovered, unearthed if you will.  It was only in my nakedness that I saw how angry, resentful, and bitter I really was.  Those clothes had to come off, those leaves had to die and fall away from this tree; the season of hurt was and is over.  If you can’t stand to look at yourself, whether it be physically or mentally, it’s obvious there are some things that need to change.  Get to it my sister; don’t hesitate my brother Heavenly Father is waiting for you!  There is beauty in your nakedness.  There is freedom in your nakedness.  I have found just how AMAZING it is to be naked, yet fully clothed all at the same time.  AMAZING GRACE.


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