Queens! You’re the King’s Answer

I was reading the book of Esther and I saw something I’ve never seen before.  I saw where the state of mind of King Ahasuerus changed.  When Vashti refused to participate in the vanity of the king any longer, her disobedience to his request, forced a shift in the kingdom.  Vashti changed the course of that kingdom for the favor of the Jews.  Immediately there was an order to call maidens from everywhere to replace Queen Vashti.  Well, King Ahasuerus was in for a rude awakening, it was not going to be “church” as usual.  We are in a season of the queens; queens arising and taking their positions as vessels to change the state of mind of the kings.  Once Esther was prepared, she was presented, but vanity was no longer the state of mind of King Ahasuerus; it was grace and favor.  But, Queen Esther had to go through a purification period, a period of preparation.  That period is time spent with the King of kings.  Esther was an orphan, she was adopted by her cousin Mordecai.  Many of us are orphaned and just merely seeking an answer to who we are, who are we purposed to be.  The search and desire to be accepted and validated cease when you “dare to be daughtered” in order to be queened.  The answer is not in your earthly king, the answer only lies in the Heavenly King who is also known as the Heavenly Father.  The purification period is the healing and the restoration you need from all the rejection and fear you’ve experienced.  God is turning His heart to the daughters in this season, awaken daughters!  It is in order to grasp the attention of His sons that they will be Kinged!


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