A Mouse Again

This morning I reflected on how there is NO desire to return to the place or state I left four months ago.  When the desire for change comes over you, don’t be deceived it is for a reason.  You are created to soar, you are created for greatness.  I rode to the park after my drive and decided to relax and reflect more.  I noticed a gentleman getting out of his car with a jar and he proceeds to sit down.  When he sat down, he opened the jar and a mouse hopped out and ran and hid under his leg.  He looked around not knowing where the mouse had gone, so my instincts kicked in.  Even though I’m not a fan of mice, my first reaction was to tell him that it was under his thigh so it wouldn’t be crushed, but he lifted his leg and the mouse ran for its life.  So, the gentleman saw me looking and proceeded over to my car and I asked him “so you were freeing the mouse”?   Turns out, this gentleman rescued the mouse from three cats, protected it and fed it for a period of time.  He had his sister from Persia on Facetime in order to share with her the release because she had also grown fond of the little mouse.  The moral of the story is this, the mouse didn’t turn around and thank and hug the gentleman, he refused to look back; its natural instinct was to be free.  We sometimes allow ourselves to be limited because we feel we owe people so much, but that is not at all true.  Yes, we are treasured earthen vessels that help each other get to our destiny; but we are not one another’s masters.  God created us to grow, learn, be great as He is great!  It’s a natural born instinct, we are created in His image.  And, we are not to be limited to what we can be and do.  Go, run, flee for your life it has great things ahead!


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