Broken + Broken = Still Broken

I did my first Radio Talk Show today; I must admit I was super scared.  As the questions went around the table to each woman, some I couldn’t answer because I had never been there; I had never even thought about going there; I am sheltered!  But the one question that came around, I answered with such boldness; because I had been there and don’t want to go there ever again.  I understand as a broken woman, what being married to a broken man looks like and it is detrimentally sad.  I believe after today, I am an advocate for speaking wholeness not only to young women; but young men too.  Bringing two broken pieces from a vase together makes an ugly vase, the pieces don’t match, and they weren’t even broken in the same way.   Deal with your hurts before you bring them into a relationship, whether it be friendship or an intimate one.  It is time to see fruit in whatever we do from this point on.  When we truly connect with one another with no fears nor insecurities; we can see and make things happen. We have to connect which is key; but not with brokenness.  God is the potter and we are the clay, but when He is done; we are whole vases.


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