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Like a tree planted by the rivers of water; it shall bring forth fruit in its season; his leaf also shall not wither. (Psalms 1;3)  The trees in this picture are in total agreement with its source of life.  It is imperative that we are mindful of who and what we allow ourselves to agree with.  An agreement can be powerful; negative or positive.  Whether it’s the voice in our heads or from other individuals; it governs the path of our lives.  I remember being bullied in school and how it affected my life as a child, teenager, and adult.  As a child, it was all about my big baggy eyes and how skinny and ugly I was.  I was told I was a beautiful little girl all the time, but once my classmates got in my head; I would much rather agree with them.  So I felt super ugly.  Once I got in middle school, and the boy that I liked, didn’t like me I just assumed it was because of all the things that I heard in elementary school.  “You’re ugly”.  As an adult, I was told daily how beautiful I was but the physical abuse countered every compliment.   I felt defeated everywhere I turned.   I allowed everyone else’s voice to overpower mine.  And this continued to be a struggle until just recently.  I’ve been able to shut out and silence the voices of what I thought, for years, were my inadequacies.  I hear my strengths and adequacies so loud and clear now.  The belief that I had to meet the standards of others and constantly comparing myself to others have become “blah blah blah” in my ears.  I love me and my big baggy eyes are gorgeous to me.  I’ve made peace with the ignorance of my past, but you will not continue to have power over me.  I have forgiven the ignorance to make room for my future, but I will not allow it to continue to govern my path.








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