Wake Up……and Rest

I am such a fan of the butterfly.  I adore its grace and peace.  They are so delicate and free; despite the harsh environment they subdue.  They fly and flutter about with no care nor worry about harsh winds and predators; just resting in, as a butterfly.  We are living in some tough times, even though I watch less tv than I did 4 months ago; I tend to catch a little bad news every now and again.  However, I consider myself an encourager; so I have to be exposed to the negative whether I choose to be or not.  Hey, I have to have something to encourage someone about.  But, really, I just want those of you who are reading this to wake up and rest!  When a caterpillar in a cocoon has come to its full fruition as a butterfly; it has been awakened to a whole different state of being.  As a caterpillar, they are in a complete “chill mode”.  I’ve researched some butterflies and they remove their eyes as they are encircled by this cocoon from within themselves.  So, they are completely blinded; no eyes to distract them from their state of REST.  Some of us are in this place; allow yourselves to see and not see.  Be aware without being distracted from your main purpose of being the peace for those who are constantly in a chaotic state.  WAKE UP to the main thing and REST in knowing that someone is admiring your grace and your peace in the midst of all that is negative in this world.


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