I have everything I need at my fingertip; that constantly jams up because every day I am doing something on my cellular device.    Isn’t it exciting to have the option to download any app you prefer to your cellphone?  I have meditation melodies through Ambience when I want to relax and get grounded, Starbucks when I want to hit the ground running and Google Maps when I want to go from one ground to the next.  I am just elated with how much of this world I hold in my hands.  Have you ever thought about how much of the whole world you have in your hands?  We are an amazing being, and I am excited about how much, I, personally possess to contribute to the next generation!  I may be 43 with a little bit of arthritis in my hand, but my brain is still healthy and I want to use it wisely for the next 43 years of my life.  43 years, that is a lot of years; I’m EXCITED!  So, I will start by balancing my mind through meditation; releasing every negative image and negative experience daily.  Secondly, I will enjoy a Starbucks beverage every now and then; balance my caffeine intake and my budget as well.  Thirdly, when I travel; I will remember to use my own brain to give her plenty of exercises and not rely solely on Google Maps to get me where I need to go.


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