Koi Oh Koi

I was visiting the Japanese Garden in Fort Worth just recently, and I was taken by surprise passing by a pond of this school of pretty fish.  Intuitively, I knew they were asking for food, but it was still weird to see that their mouths were constantly opening and closing.  I didn’t have anything to give and I certainly hated that I didn’t come prepared.  I believe I was more disappointed that I didn’t have anything to give than the fish were.  Probably because they were expecting someone else to come along with bread and crackers.  I later learned that the Koi is trained like dogs and cats to eat from your hands and even your mouth.  I also learned that they represent perseverance and endurance.  It really made me think about how much the Koi and I have in common.  I thought back to the day that I and my five children lived inside of a partially abandoned school for a year.  I chose to do so because I was fed up with being physically, sexually and emotionally abused.  It hurts to see a world in need and not have the means to help, and not just in monetary form.  It hurts me to see women still being battered and young women seeking love in all the wrong places.  That is why I believe in the POWER of a story; the POWER of my story.  No, I haven’t gotten rich and famous; but I am rich in peace, in gratitude and in love.  If your reading; please share.  Sometimes we have to choose and commit to less than what we’re use to, in order to get the things that money can’t buy.  And that’s peace, love for self and the joy that no one can ever take away.


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