Keep the Change

Most of us don’t use cash anymore these days we prefer to swipe every chance we get.  So the statement, “keep the change” isn’t that popular nowadays.  I remember that excitement that came over me when mama or grandma would send me to the store; waiting to hear “keep the change”.  Considering their financial status, I would get to keep the change and get whatever I wanted.  Life has a way of urging us to “keep the change”.  Which frightens us so badly, we tell life every day what it can do with its “change”.  However, I’ve noticed within these last few months of my moving to Texas, “keeping the change” has been rewarding and exciting for me.  It has taken me twelve years to embrace change.   I woke up every day doing the same thing and still unhappy; I just couldn’t find that spark.  I was complacent and stuck.  A new city, new state, new people; BEAUTIFUL!  I get to “keep the change” and with this change, things are awakened in me; that I always knew were there.  I get to help women on another level, I get to say “USEME” in a whole new light.  Change has forced me to look my inadequacies in the face and stand up against them after backing down for years.  I realize that inadequacies can quickly turn in to adequacies!   Picture yourself as a kid and your mom asking you to go to the store and you’re just waiting to hear “keep the change”.  The anticipation itself is exhilarating.  Think about what you will do with that change; go ahead, do it!


5 thoughts on “Keep the Change

  1. Absolutely on point! Change in this regard is and should always be a welcomed event but far too often we run from that which is unfamiliar, not realizing our growth is largely dependent upon embracing the unknown. Good stuff here!


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