If we don’t know the value of what we possess, we can be swindled to settle for less!  Today I witnessed an appraisal of some very valuable diamonds.  I learned the difference between an appraiser who wants to make money for their jewelry store and the appraiser who appraises for a living.  The one who has to keep the business of selling jewelry going; is the one who will urge and possibly convince you that what you have to offer is not worth your price.   However, they know what you have is worth what you’re asking, but they have to stay in business.  What I respect about the gentleman who was trying to sell what he had, he was knowledgeable about what he possessed; and refused to be swindled.  The only way we, as women, can keep our sanity and ultimately maintain a level of peace is to; KNOW OUR WORTH.  I also overheard the buyer (I won’t call him an appraiser) say to the seller “there are only 15 facets to these diamonds” and he went on to explain that the facets represent the labor put into the cutting of the diamond.  Oh wow!  Acknowledge your creator, because He labored for the many facets of your unique cut.  Girl, don’t give up, there is value in every trial you face.


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