Roommate or Roommouse

I recall knowing deep down that an area I chose to live in was not going to work for me.  I was just gonna choose to settle, settle for less knowing I wanted and deserved more.   I was just gonna choose to settle because it didn’t seem to be working out for me.  We usually can see the evidence before we sign the papers, say I do, and commit to whatever we choose to commit to.  The answers are so clear!  But, for some reason, we settle and then we commit.  The commitment seems to have you locked; until something happens that causes you to break the contract.  What causes you to break the contract, was part of the evidence the whole time.   One day, I saw a mouse and she had two kids.  In addition to the mold and the fleas, I couldn’t take it anymore; CONTRACT BROKE.  I was committed to a man who was violent, manipulative and controlling for nine years; CONTRACT BROKE.  The evidence was always present, but I could no longer settle for less when I so greatly desired more.  The voice for better will never be silenced; neither the voice to settle.


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