The Lord led me to sit out on my balcony this morning, and the first thing I noticed is our tree.  It stands with just a few of his friends, who are close to being released, to prepare for this next season.  But first, it has to stand this cold, quiet winter.  I’m sure we can relate, because God has released some close friends and even some enemies from our lives.  I say released because removed is a sense of negativity to me.  Released to me is, giving them their freedom to be purposed for someone else’s life as we also walk into our next season free of unforgiveness and anger.  Like the tree, Spring is coming and with Spring comes new life, new leaves.  For us, that means new connections, new endeavors and new reasons to move forward.  But first, we have to rest; hibernate if you would.  God has some amazing things to share with us, to prepare us for Spring.  Listen, tune in and release everything that hurts.  Shhhhhhh, can you hear the silence; it’s absolutely productive.


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