If I had to grade myself on clearing my head, I would fail with an “F” for sure!  Sometimes, no matter how much meditation music I listen to, my concerns and/or even the expectations of tomorrow cloud my head.  I’m either super excited about the promises of God or worrying if something will happen to try and sabotage them.  Oh yeah, sometimes I forget how human I am and that I actually possess a mind to choose to be at peace.   It’s interesting how quickly we get distracted with regrets, mistakes, worries, and deep thoughts from within our souls.  Peace is like that kid nobody wants on their team when it’s time to play kickball; she gets picked when there are no other options.  Unlike that kid that really can’t play kickball, peace will leave you with the victory in the end.    PEACE IS A CHOICE.  No matter what, those nagging thoughts and reservations will always be there; but peace (synonymous to its name) is waiting quietly and patiently to be noticed.


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