I’ve been in Texas now for three months and I am still loving every minute of my transition.  It’s been tough getting adjusted to the unpredictable traffic, however, just today I used Google Maps  for the first time in a long time to check delays only.  I had to use Google Maps in the beginning to go to Walmart, to church, etc.  But now since I’ve been here, it just flows naturally.  It even flows so well, that I’ve been able to go new places without having to use my GPS, because I have learned the highways.  I have been forced to use my intellect; my noodle I should say.  Which brings me to my point, staying in the same state of mind for so long caused my brain to get stagnant.  I was use to the same routine everyday, work, home, work home.  Weekends spent running in circles.  I just had to get out of town!  Complacency is derived from fear; fear of rejection, fear of failing, fear of not being able to make it.  Just paralyzed and STUCK!  When I made this move I was scared but I was motivated to MOVE!  I was motivated to make a difference in my grown up children’s lives and the mission of the organization I established; USEME, Inc!  When I first got here, I felt so dumb.  The words and voices kept playing in my mind from my past of “you’re not smart enough, your slow, your brain doesn’t work or your too pretty to be smart”.  I had to silence those voices and BELIEVE in my creator who is a WISE MASTER; I am His daughter and I am ONE with Him.  Therefore I AM wise; so refreshing and so freeing!  Say it with me “MY CREATOR IS WISE, THEREFORE I AM WISE”.


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