I love Fall.  It’s a beautiful season, it’s submissive and the trees are humble to the change too.  The trees aren’t kicking and screaming to stay full of leaves because they don’t want to leave summer.  Such a good little season.  Change is hard, and I’ve noticed the more we kick against change, the more frustrating life is.  Releasing and letting go is just what we have to do.  I took the picture above and within 2 days there was a rapid change that took place.  Each leaf is in a different phase compared to the other and some leaves have already detached from the tree.  Everyday something changes; something that will get us closer to the next season and phase of our lives.  We have to be careful not to miss those “somethings”.  Those “somethings” will take us places we could only imagine.  Those “somethings” we were once afraid of embracing.  Whether you’re at phase yellow, orange or purple; letting go is eventually coming.  Embracing Winter is imperative in order to get to Spring; and before you know it, your leaves are back! 


One thought on “NOT NAKED & AFRAID

  1. This is a beautiful observation!….and oh so true as it relates to the changes in seasons and to toxic people in our lives. Letting go and pruning is a necessity!! It allows us to make room for new people who will enrich our lives!

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