I struggled for years for acceptance and validation.  I was born to a teenage mother who was longing for a father and protection.  She was innocent and lost and I was conceived lost.  I was the oldest of 3 and wanted so bad to be the apple of her eye; but I didn’t seem to measure up.  I didn’t get to meet my dad until I was 20 years old, and he died 5 years later.  So the cycle was repeated and I endured abuse from others because I didn’t know who God was therefore I didn’t know how brilliant, bright and beautiful I was until NOW!  I desired to start this blog because I want readers to know that when we believe in the divine design of our creator when He designed us; we don’t have to rely on validation, approval and acceptance from anyone else.  We rely on what is within to strengthen and motivate us.  The within that was there before the foundation of this world.


4 thoughts on “NO NEED FOR APPRAISAL

  1. Love it so much Queen, very impressive, good teaching experience of life. There’s a beautiful book I highly recommend you all to read from my Bible Study class called Discerning The Voice of God, how to recognize when God speaks by
    Priscilla Shirer
    Bless your heart and God Bless You and the family

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